Preparing Car Maintenance For The Winter

As the holidays begin approaching North Carolina, so does the colder temperatures and winter weather. While winter here is milder than other states, there are still cautions to consider with your vehicle. Below are the most common maintenance practices that will keep your car faring well through the winter. 

Have you Checked your Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is an additive to your coolant that protects it from freezing through the winter. Should your coolant freeze, it will not circulate through your engine and cause your engine to fail.

Do a Tire Inspection

What is your tire’s current condition? Have your tires been inspected for damage and tire pressure. Make sure that they are appropriately rotated to ensure that they are wearing evenly and that you have enough pressure to sustain the temperature changes.

Oil Change

Is it time for an oil change? Go ahead and have your oil changed and the filter before the cooling temperatures. This will help your engine with proper operation and help keep the engine lubricated when the temperature drops. 

Belts and Hoses

It is crucial to have a certified technician inspect the different belts and hoses beneath the hood of your car. These parts tend to wear and tear more often during temperature changes, so checking them ahead of time is a good practice. This will catch any leaks that your car may be experiencing and prevent future damages down the road.

It is essential to prepare your car for the winter. Significant changes in temperature are often the culprit of costly damages. At Griffin Insurance Agency, we proudly serve residents in Mooresville, NC, and their auto insurance needs.