North Carolina’s Auto Insurance Requirements

Each state has specific requirements for auto insurance, and North Carolina is no different. When you understand your state’s insurance requirements, you make wise decisions about your vehicle and any situations your vehicle could get into.

Do you live in Mooresville, NC? Griffin Insurance Agency can help you understand your state’s auto insurance requirements.

Liability Insurance

In order to drive legally in North Carolina, you must have liability insurance through a licensed in-state company. Liability coverage covers damage and injury that you or your vehicle may cause to others. You must have coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. In your state, the minimum requirements include $30,000 for bodily injury (per person) and $25,000 for property damage.

Remember: these policies only cover other people. In order to cover your own vehicle, you may consider an optional comprehensive or collision insurance policy.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The law also requires coverage for instances in which you come into contact with uninsured or underinsured motorists. These are drivers who may not have the necessary coverage, and this coverage helps you avoid covering the costs of medical bills and auto repairs on your own.

What Happens If You Don’t Meet Minimum Requirements?

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for auto insurance, your license plate may be revoked. You may also be subject to fees and civil penalties. If you are not sure if your policy meets the minimum requirements for your state, an insurance agent can help you.

Get the Auto Insurance You Need

No matter where you live, you need to have adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle. Griffin Insurance Agency, which serves Mooresville, NC, can help you find the right policy for your vehicle.

Do I need auto insurance in Mooresville?

The Mooresville, NC area continues to be a great place for people to live. When you are in this area of North Carolina, you are going to have access to a lot of fun recreational amenities as well as a good job market. If you are going to move to this area of the state, you will want to ensure that you have a way to get around town. To do this, most people will invest in a vehicle. Along with any vehicle, you need to get auto insurance which is a necessity for a few reasons.

Coverage Required for State Law Compliance

An important reason that anyone should get an auto insurance plan here is that it is required for state law compliance. Drivers in North Carolina will always need to have liability insurance for their vehicles. This coverage is important as it ensures you can cover damages that you may cause in an accident. 

Coverage is Required by Lenders

As a vehicle can be a major purchase, many buyers will end up taking out a loan to finance the purchase of it. If you took out an auto loan, you will need to meet your lender’s standards in terms of auto insurance. Any lender will want to know that their collateral is protected. Due to this, they are likely to require you to carry collision and comprehensive insurance protection. 

A car owner in Mooresville, NC will need to have auto insurance at all times. To ensure that you choose a quality policy, calling Griffin Insurance Agency can be a great idea. The team with Griffin Insurance Agency understands the value that this coverage provides. They can offer the support you need to understand all of your options and build an appropriate auto insurance plan. 

Common Myths About Auto Insurance

It is not easy to choose the right auto insurance, especially if you have never done it before and if there are so many myths about it.  In order to help you make the right choice, Griffin Insurance Agency, serving Mooresville, NC has prepared a list of misconceptions about auto insurance that you should know about:

Red Cars Are More Expensive To Insure

The truth is that the car’s color is not one of the factors in how your auto insurance is calculated. There are other things affecting the cost of insurance, including the model and the age of your car. 

Expensive Cars Cost More To Get Insured

The purchase price of a vehicle does not have an impact on the cost of the premium. Some mid-priced cars may cost more to insure than expensive luxury cars because they cost more to repair or they have a higher loss history. 

Getting Traffic Tickets Will Increase The Cost of Your Auto Insurance

If your driving record is clean and the violation is minor, it may not have an impact on the cost of insurance. However, the more violations and traffic tickets you have, the higher your chances of getting your premium increased.

The State-Minimum Liability Insurance Is More Than Enough 

In most cases, the state-minimum liability insurance is not enough to cover damages in case of an accident. Therefore, if you decide to buy the state-minimum only, you should be ready to pay most of the expenses out of pocket. 

Having auto insurance is a requirement in most of the states, including North Carolina. Now you know the most common myths about auto insurance and will be able to choose the perfect policy based on your insurance needs and budget. If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact Griffin Insurance Agency serving Mooresville, NC, and other surrounding areas  – our agents are ready to answer all your questions. 

Should You Get Additional Coverage on Your Auto Insurance?

Depending on your situation, it may be necessary to get additional auto insurance coverage. Each insurance agency has different offerings and this includes packages of different policies. It can be helpful to sit down with an agent such as those at Griffin Insurance Agency of the Mooresville, NC area. Here are just a few of the extra types of policies and where you can ask for extra coverage.

Full Glass Coverage

This pays out if you need to replace or repair your automobile’s window glass if it’s broken or chipped. You wouldn’t have to pay a deductible on this.

Rideshare Insurance

This is a fairly new type of insurance and it covers you when you’re driving for a rideshare service including Lyft and Uber.

Rental Reimbursement

This provides you with coverage to get a rental car when your vehicle is being repaired as a covered claim repair.

Gap Insurance

This covers the difference between the amount the car is worth and what you owe on your auto loan if you are leasing a vehicle. This also can be used if you purchased a new car. Though it’s an optional policy, it’s something that you may be asked to get if you are leasing your car.

New Car Replacement Insurance

This is similar to gap insurance in that it will cover the value of a new car if yours was totaled during an accident. Typically, an insurance company will offer only a gap or new car replacement policy.

Roadside Assistance

Also known as towing and labor coverage, this helps in the instance that you break down and require changing out of a tire, a battery jump, or if you need your vehicle to be towed to the repair shop.

See what you may be eligible for and which of these is offered at Griffin Insurance Agency. Serving the Mooresville, NC area, we’re proud to help the people of the community get the right auto coverage for their needs.

What does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

The definition of comprehensive is "complete, including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something," which makes many people assume that comprehensive auto insurance is all-inclusive insurance. This is not the case. Auto insurance is issued in basically three different parts, liability, collision, and comprehensive. Liability is the insurance that is required; collision and comprehensive are optional. At Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC, we have been in business for over 40 years and have a combined 200 years of experience. We understand auto insurance and can help you understand what comprehensive auto insurance covers. 

Comprehensive auto insurance is also known as non-collision coverage. What that means is that it covers your vehicle for damage that it may receive from things other than a collision with another vehicle. It does cover one collision event, if a large animal like a deer darts into the road in front of your car or runs into your vehicle, the resulting damage is covered under comprehensive auto insurance. It also provides coverage from weather events such as hail, wind, and even flooding. 

Glass coverage is an essential part of comprehensive insurance coverage. In most cases, there is no deductible, and you can even have a company come to you to replace or repair your windshield. Most people rely on their vehicles to get to work and just to live their life. If that vehicle is stolen and not recovered or stolen and damaged, comprehensive coverage is there to repair or replace that vehicle. It can also provide a rental car if needed. 

Comprehensive auto insurance may not be complete coverage, but it is critical coverage to have if you happen to need it. At Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC, we understand the needs of our customers and are here to provide the coverage they want at a price they can afford. Why not stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

3 Tips to Keep Your Car From Being Broken Into

You use your car to transport everything from pets to people. In many cases, some of the items you carry with you are extremely valuable. Thieves look for items of value when they target a car to burglarize. In Mooresville, NC, the agents at Griffin Insurance Agency offer tips on how to protect your vehicle from vandals and thieves. 

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Before you get out of your vehicle, make sure all of your valuables are hidden and out of sight. If they won’t fit in the glove box or console, put them in the trunk or cover them with a blanket. If something of value is visible, it will make your car an easy target for criminals who are willing to do a smash and dash type of break-in.

Lock the Doors, Set the Alarm

Always lock your doors, even if you are sitting in your car with the engine running. Locking your doors keeps you safe and reduces your risk of a thief trying to steal your purse or other valuables. When you leave your vehicle, lock the doors and make sure to set the alarm. If your car doesn’t have an alarm, you can have one installed.

Visibility is Important

Always park under a bright street light or anywhere that is well-lit. Thieves work under the cover of darkness. If you park in a well-lit area or in the sight of a security camera, the risk of your car being broken into dramatically decreases. Always make sure your car can be seen!

At Griffin Insurance Agency, residents who live in the Statesville or Mooresville, NC area can find all of the answers you need concerning your car insurance. We also have tips on how to reduce your risk of a break-in. Call today and make an appointment.

Preparing Car Maintenance For The Winter

As the holidays begin approaching North Carolina, so does the colder temperatures and winter weather. While winter here is milder than other states, there are still cautions to consider with your vehicle. Below are the most common maintenance practices that will keep your car faring well through the winter. 

Have you Checked your Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is an additive to your coolant that protects it from freezing through the winter. Should your coolant freeze, it will not circulate through your engine and cause your engine to fail.

Do a Tire Inspection

What is your tire’s current condition? Have your tires been inspected for damage and tire pressure. Make sure that they are appropriately rotated to ensure that they are wearing evenly and that you have enough pressure to sustain the temperature changes.

Oil Change

Is it time for an oil change? Go ahead and have your oil changed and the filter before the cooling temperatures. This will help your engine with proper operation and help keep the engine lubricated when the temperature drops. 

Belts and Hoses

It is crucial to have a certified technician inspect the different belts and hoses beneath the hood of your car. These parts tend to wear and tear more often during temperature changes, so checking them ahead of time is a good practice. This will catch any leaks that your car may be experiencing and prevent future damages down the road.

It is essential to prepare your car for the winter. Significant changes in temperature are often the culprit of costly damages. At Griffin Insurance Agency, we proudly serve residents in Mooresville, NC, and their auto insurance needs.

What a Mooresville resident needs to know about auto insurance.

One of the biggest assets and responsibilities that some people will ever have is their car. While driving a car can be a very enjoyable and convenient experience, it also comes with responsibilities. One important responsibility that all people in the Mooresville, NC area will have will be to have auto insurance. There are several things people need to know when they are shopping for their next auto insurance policy.

State Laws

When you are shopping for auto insurance, it is important that you have auto insurance to ensure that you are in compliance with state laws. In this state, you will need to have minimum levels of liability insurance of at least $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per person and $60,000 per incident plus property damage coverage of $25,000. Any less than this, and you could be cited with a ticket or face other penalties.

Cover Asset

While you will only need to have liability insurance to stay in compliance with state laws, your car is also a very important asset that needs to be covered by insurance. For those that invested in their car, getting a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy would be a great option. This will cover you and your car for a variety of different types of losses that you could incur. 

For those that are in the Mooresville, NC area and are looking to learn more about their auto insurance needs, it would be a good idea to contact the Griffin Insurance Agency. The insurance professionals at the Griffin Insurance Agency are fully aware of all of the responsibilities that the average car owner has when it comes to auto insurance. They will then help anyone get into a policy that provides the right coverage.