Complete Commercial Insurance Helps You Recover from Destructive Storms

When you own a business in the Mooresville, NC area, we recognize that though you enjoy mild winters, but Mother Nature is still capable of wreaking havoc on your buildings when a hurricane manages to come inland. Is your commercial insurance from Griffin Insurance Agency designed to help you stay in business when your world falls apart?

Property and Equipment Coverage

Even if you own just a small storefront for your business office and nothing more, you still need a good commercial property policy that can help you rebuild when the roof blows off. Should you operate a manufacturing business, take the time to review the value of the equipment used to create all your products. Upgrade your replacement values, so you can replace them after damage due to fire, vandalism, or theft.

Paying the Bills while You Rebuild

Even if you have the right property insurance, will you be able to maintain relationships with all your suppliers and vendors during the recovery period? Ask about commercial gap coverage that can help you pay the expenses that remain even while your property is a pile of rubble. This addition to your standard policy can help you cover the added costs of shipping in product from a distant location or temporarily moving your office to a new location. 

Review Your Entire Holdings for Complete Protections

Has your business recently expanded and now includes a small fleet of delivery vans, a maintenance garage, or even a storage facility on your property? While speaking with your agent at Griffin Insurance Agency about your Mooresville, NC business, and the right commercial insurance, take the time to review all the latest upgrades and ensure that your policy now extends over all the improvements.