What Types of Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

No matter the type of business you own, there’s a good chance you need some type of commercial insurance. The exact type of commercial insurance that you need will depend on your business. Here at Griffin Insurance Agency serving the Mooresville, NC, area, we have agents who can help you assess your business to determine the type of commercial insurance that you need. Here’s a close look at different types of businesses and the insurance they need.

Construction Companies

Construction sites are hazardous. You can have top quality workers who have gone through intense safety training, but accidents still happen. What would happen if one of your workers was injured on the job site and racked up $250,000 in medical expenses? Would you be able to cover those expenses? This is why you need commercial insurance.

Hair Salons

You may think owning your own hair salon at your house wouldn’t require having commercial insurance, but it does. You never know when a customer could fall on your property. And if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the injury, you would need commercial coverage to help with the associated costs.

Auto Repair Shops

What happens when you perform an auto repair and due to a mistake, you end up causing a vehicular accident? The total expenses would be outrageous. With the right type of commercial insurance policy in place, you can rest easy knowing your business is safe even when something goes wrong.

To learn more about the advantages of commercial insurance and the types of business that need a policy, please contact Griffin Insurance Agency. We have agents who can help you determine your exact insurance needs.