Complete Commercial Insurance Helps You Recover from Destructive Storms

When you own a business in the Mooresville, NC area, we recognize that though you enjoy mild winters, but Mother Nature is still capable of wreaking havoc on your buildings when a hurricane manages to come inland. Is your commercial insurance from Griffin Insurance Agency designed to help you stay in business when your world falls apart?

Property and Equipment Coverage

Even if you own just a small storefront for your business office and nothing more, you still need a good commercial property policy that can help you rebuild when the roof blows off. Should you operate a manufacturing business, take the time to review the value of the equipment used to create all your products. Upgrade your replacement values, so you can replace them after damage due to fire, vandalism, or theft.

Paying the Bills while You Rebuild

Even if you have the right property insurance, will you be able to maintain relationships with all your suppliers and vendors during the recovery period? Ask about commercial gap coverage that can help you pay the expenses that remain even while your property is a pile of rubble. This addition to your standard policy can help you cover the added costs of shipping in product from a distant location or temporarily moving your office to a new location. 

Review Your Entire Holdings for Complete Protections

Has your business recently expanded and now includes a small fleet of delivery vans, a maintenance garage, or even a storage facility on your property? While speaking with your agent at Griffin Insurance Agency about your Mooresville, NC business, and the right commercial insurance, take the time to review all the latest upgrades and ensure that your policy now extends over all the improvements.

Do I need home insurance if I don’t have a mortgage

Mooresville is one of the most beautiful places in North Carolina. It is a popular place to live, being so close to gorgeous Lake Norman. It is a great place to retire, and if you decide you want to live there, you may be wondering if you need home insurance if you don’t have a mortgage. At the Griffin Insurance Agency, we are local to Mooresville, NC, and we would be happy to discuss your home insurance needs with you. 

Do I need home insurance if I don’t have a mortgage?

No, legally, you are not required to have home insurance. But that does not mean that you should not opt to have home insurance. Unless you are independently wealthy and could easily afford to make repairs or pay any lawsuit that might be lodged against you, then having a home insurance policy provides valuable protection. 

North Carolina is vulnerable to a variety of weather events that can cause major damage to your home. If a covered event occurs, your home insurance will provide the money that you need to not only repair or rebuild your home but to replace all of your personal belonging that may have been lost. If your home is so damaged that you can not reside there, it will help you with the money you need to live somewhere else until your home is ready to be occupied again. 

Liability coverage is one of the most important protections that home insurance provides. Suing has become a more common occurence, and if you happen to be the object of a lawsuit by someone who was injured while visiting your home, you will be relieved that you have it. 

The Griffin Insurance Agency is available to answer your questions about the value to you of having home insurance. Give our office a call or stop by in Mooresville, NC to discuss this critical coverage. 


Preparing Car Maintenance For The Winter

As the holidays begin approaching North Carolina, so does the colder temperatures and winter weather. While winter here is milder than other states, there are still cautions to consider with your vehicle. Below are the most common maintenance practices that will keep your car faring well through the winter. 

Have you Checked your Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is an additive to your coolant that protects it from freezing through the winter. Should your coolant freeze, it will not circulate through your engine and cause your engine to fail.

Do a Tire Inspection

What is your tire’s current condition? Have your tires been inspected for damage and tire pressure. Make sure that they are appropriately rotated to ensure that they are wearing evenly and that you have enough pressure to sustain the temperature changes.

Oil Change

Is it time for an oil change? Go ahead and have your oil changed and the filter before the cooling temperatures. This will help your engine with proper operation and help keep the engine lubricated when the temperature drops. 

Belts and Hoses

It is crucial to have a certified technician inspect the different belts and hoses beneath the hood of your car. These parts tend to wear and tear more often during temperature changes, so checking them ahead of time is a good practice. This will catch any leaks that your car may be experiencing and prevent future damages down the road.

It is essential to prepare your car for the winter. Significant changes in temperature are often the culprit of costly damages. At Griffin Insurance Agency, we proudly serve residents in Mooresville, NC, and their auto insurance needs.

What’s Covered Under Your Commercial Liability Insurance Policy?

If you are signing up for business insurance, there are some things that you need to be aware of before you do. One of these areas is commercial liability insurance. Since a liability claim can potentially break your business, you must be prepared in the event someone files one.

Liability Insurance for Businesses

Are you concerned about what will happen if you’re held liable for an insurance claim? It’s essential to have the right policy. That’s where a commercial liability insurance policy comes into play.

General Liability Under Commercial Insurance

There is a wide range of incidents covered by general liability. These typically fall under the following categories:

  • operations
  • products
  • completed operations
  • duty to defend
  • aggregate limits
  • pollution exposures
  • premises liability
  • a variety of intentional torts

Two types of policy triggers will generate coverage. They are occurrence and claims made, and it is crucial to know the difference between them and how they operate. The occurrence policy protects your company when it comes to any covered incident that occurs during the period of the policy. It does not matter when the claim was filed. With the claims made policy, it provides coverage for incidents that occurred at any time. The insurer only will be covered for this type of claim if it is made during the policy period. You’ll want to make sure that you’re well protected in either scenario.

Though these areas generally are under a commercial liability insurance policy, you’ll want to discuss the specifics with a qualified agent. Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC can help you determine how much commercial insurance is enough, or if you would benefit from additional coverage. Serving the greater Mooresville, NC area, Griffin Insurance Agency has been instrumental in getting businesses the right type of insurance to meet their needs. Contact our office to speak with an agent and get a quote.

What doesn’t my home insurance cover

When it comes to home insurance, you probably think that it covers everything that could happen to your home. Home policies have things called exclusions, things that are not covered by the policy. Very few people take the time to read the small print on their policy. If you live in the Mooresville, NC area, you can call on the agents at Griffin Insurance Agency to help you to understand that things that your home policy doesn’t cover. 


One of the biggest dangers to your home is flooding and there is a very good chance that it is not covered on your home policy. If you live in an area where flooding is a danger, you need to purchase a separate policy to cover your home and possessions. The National Flood Insurance Program is administered through local agents. 


Earthquakes, sinkholes, and land/mudslides are also not covered in your traditional home insurance policy. You should talk to your insurance agent about getting this additional coverage if you live in an area that is prone to this sort of event. 


Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home.  Termite damage is not covered with most home insurance policies. It is excluded as being neglect since it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure they maintain their home and that maintenance should include termite checks. 


It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their home. If you get water damage from a roof that needs to be replaced you won’t be covered. 

Expensive items

If you have high-end electronics or jewelry, you won’t be covered for the value of your items unless you add additional coverage. 

Discussing the things that aren’t covered on your home policy with the knowledgeable agents at Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC can set your mind at rest. Stop by our office or give us a call, we will be happy to help. 

What a Mooresville resident needs to know about auto insurance.

One of the biggest assets and responsibilities that some people will ever have is their car. While driving a car can be a very enjoyable and convenient experience, it also comes with responsibilities. One important responsibility that all people in the Mooresville, NC area will have will be to have auto insurance. There are several things people need to know when they are shopping for their next auto insurance policy.

State Laws

When you are shopping for auto insurance, it is important that you have auto insurance to ensure that you are in compliance with state laws. In this state, you will need to have minimum levels of liability insurance of at least $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per person and $60,000 per incident plus property damage coverage of $25,000. Any less than this, and you could be cited with a ticket or face other penalties.

Cover Asset

While you will only need to have liability insurance to stay in compliance with state laws, your car is also a very important asset that needs to be covered by insurance. For those that invested in their car, getting a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy would be a great option. This will cover you and your car for a variety of different types of losses that you could incur. 

For those that are in the Mooresville, NC area and are looking to learn more about their auto insurance needs, it would be a good idea to contact the Griffin Insurance Agency. The insurance professionals at the Griffin Insurance Agency are fully aware of all of the responsibilities that the average car owner has when it comes to auto insurance. They will then help anyone get into a policy that provides the right coverage. 

What Types of Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

No matter the type of business you own, there’s a good chance you need some type of commercial insurance. The exact type of commercial insurance that you need will depend on your business. Here at Griffin Insurance Agency serving the Mooresville, NC, area, we have agents who can help you assess your business to determine the type of commercial insurance that you need. Here’s a close look at different types of businesses and the insurance they need.

Construction Companies

Construction sites are hazardous. You can have top quality workers who have gone through intense safety training, but accidents still happen. What would happen if one of your workers was injured on the job site and racked up $250,000 in medical expenses? Would you be able to cover those expenses? This is why you need commercial insurance.

Hair Salons

You may think owning your own hair salon at your house wouldn’t require having commercial insurance, but it does. You never know when a customer could fall on your property. And if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the injury, you would need commercial coverage to help with the associated costs.

Auto Repair Shops

What happens when you perform an auto repair and due to a mistake, you end up causing a vehicular accident? The total expenses would be outrageous. With the right type of commercial insurance policy in place, you can rest easy knowing your business is safe even when something goes wrong.

To learn more about the advantages of commercial insurance and the types of business that need a policy, please contact Griffin Insurance Agency. We have agents who can help you determine your exact insurance needs.

What You Should Know about Home Insurance and Hurricanes

Does a Home Policy Protect my House from Hurricanes?

North Carolina has to deal with hurricanes from time to time, and there are certain things you should know about your home insurance.

Floods Aren’t Covered: If the damage your home gets is from flooding, which is defined as a body of water overflowing, such as during a storm surge, then it’s not going to be covered by home insurance. However, if the water damage your home incurs is caused by wind, such as wind-driven rain that comes in through the roof or windows, then that may be covered.

You Could Have a Higher Deductible for Hurricane Coverage: It’s always a good idea to read your policy closely or speak with an agent at Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC to see if damage from hurricanes requires an additional deductible.

There Are Rules for Fallen Trees: If your home is spared, you may still have damage from trees that fell. If your tree damages your neighbor’s property, then he or she could file a claim with his or her insurance company, which will usually pay to fix any damages. If a tree falls but doesn’t damage anything, then you have to check with your insurance company to see what they will pay for clean up, which can range from nothing to $1,000.

Insurance Can Pay for Living Expenses While Out of Home: Depending on your policy, you may be able to get coverage for additional living expenses while out of your home. Keep receipts for reimbursement.

Contact Your Insurance Company in North Carolina Right Away

Many insurance companies will want you to make some temporary fixes, such as adding a tarp, in order to prevent any further damage from happening. However, take pictures before you make any fixes and keep the receipts for any supplies you purchase since you could be reimbursed.

Contact Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC to get a quote on home insurance.