Do you need to have commercial insurance in North Carolina?

Becoming a small business owner is a big dream for many people in the Mooresville, NC area. When you are here, you can find that it is an excellent place for you to start a company. However, there are still risks that you may face. One way to protect your business is by getting a proper commercial insurance plan. This coverage is often needed for various reasons. 

Properly Protect Business

One of the main reasons you will want to have commercial insurance for your company is that it is an effective way to protect your organization adequately. Any business owner will face various risks that could affect the viability of their business, and having commercial insurance can mitigate several of these. When you have commercial insurance, it will give you support to replace or repair your commercial assets and mitigate commercial liability risk.

Comply with Insurance Obligations

Having a commercial insurance plan is also a good idea as it will ensure you can comply with the insurance requirements you may have. Business owners today can sign various agreements that will require commercial insurance. These include agreements with landlords, investors, lenders, vendors, and certain commercial clients. Obtaining and maintaining sufficient coverage will keep you in good standing and protect your organization. 

The right commercial insurance plan continues to be an effective way to mitigate risks and keep your business in good standing. For those that want a commercial insurance policy in the Mooresville, NC area, it would be wise to call the Griffin Insurance Agency. Professionals with the Griffin Insurance Agency can give the support you need to choose an ideal insurance plan. This will help protect your business and ensure you are in good standing with various contracts. 

BestWays To Protect Your Home Investment

Your house will most likely be one of the most significant financial investments. Protecting this investment will be crucial to your long-term financial success. At Griffin Insurance Agency, serving Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas, we can provide you with the insurance information you need to make the best insurance choices. Keep reading to learn more. 

Why Is Home Insurance So Important?

If you currently have a mortgage on your home, you will likely be required by the mortgage company to carry home insurance. This protects the mortgage company against a loss if the house is damaged or lost. 

Your house is not just a financial investment, but it is also your home where your family will create a home base. It will represent safety and security for your family. Because of this, you will want to have the peace of mind of knowing that you will always have a place to call home. 

If your home is damaged or lost, you and your family could experience displacement and hardship. Home insurance protects you from this uncertainty. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

A home insurance policy can be customized to meet your particular needs, but in general, most policies will provide coverage in the following categories:

  • Property Damage– If your home is damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary, this coverage will kick in to pay for repairs or replacement of your home. 
  • Liability– If someone is injured at your home, liability coverage will pay for any medical bills that may result or any legal fees if legal action is filed against you. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Griffin Insurance Agency, serving Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas. 

What Is Generally Covered by Most Home Insurance Policies?

As you shop for home insurance in Mooresville, NC, you will find that there are numerous options at your disposal. This is due to the fact that you can basically customize your policy to fit your exact needs. However, it is a good idea to be familiar with the coverage basics. Griffin Insurance Agency shares some basic coverage of home insurance.

Home Repairs/Rebuild

Home insurance provides protection for the structure itself in the event it is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril within your policy. There are some exclusions, such as earthquakes and floods, but it is possible to expand your home insurance policy to include these types of coverage.

Liability Claims

An incident can occur at any time and anywhere, which is why home insurance is specifically designed to protect you against personal liability claims in the event an individual is injured on your property. It will also cover your own negligent acts while away from home. Legal action can get very expensive, especially if a settlement is involved, but home insurance takes care of it for you.

Personal Possession Replacement

Home insurance does not only protect the structure of your home, but it also offers coverage for personal property losses. The limit for this type of coverage will depend on the amount of structure coverage you have, but if additional coverage is necessary, an endorsement can be added to ensure you are properly protected in the event of a covered loss. The important thing is to ensure you have sufficient limits, especially if you have a lot of high-value items in your home.

The team at Griffin Insurance Agency is ready to help serve you in any way necessary. Whether you have questions or are ready to purchase home insurance, contact us today and get a home insurance quote in Mooresville, NC.

Do Farmers Need Commercial Insurance?

One of the most important industries in the country is farming. Farms provide food for people all over the world. Operating a farm requires a considerable amount of hard work and high risks. To ensure your farm is protected from unexpected financial loss, it is vital to understand the need for insurance coverage.

Many of the risks that other businesses face also apply to farms. However, farms also need special coverage due to some unique characteristics of their business. Many insurance providers offer ranch or farm policies specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural businesses. Such policies are typically a combination of general liability, homeowners, and commercial property insurance. The qualified agents of Griffin Insurance Agency of Mooresville, NC will assist you in obtaining proper coverage for your farm.

Types of Commercial Insurance for Farmers

Even if you do elect for a farm insurance policy, your business may not be completely covered. For example, a farm policy will not cover employee injuries or any claims related to the use of vehicles. Therefore, you will need to add workers’ compensation as well as commercial auto insurance.

Currently, the law in North Carolina states that farmers are not required to provide workers’ compensation coverage unless they regularly employ ten or more workers full-time all year long. However, you may have the option to provide benefits to workers when you purchase voluntary compensation coverage even if you are not required to purchase workers’ compensation coverage by law.

Farm vehicles are not included in farm personal property insurance or farm liability insurance. Therefore, if you have vehicles that you use to operate your farm you will need at least the state minimum for commercial vehicle coverage. The state of North Carolina has requirements for commercial vehicle use and the professionals at Griffin Insurance Agency are familiar with the limits for each type of vehicle.

If you are interested in obtaining commercial insurance for your farm near Mooresville, NC, contact Griffin Insurance Agency. Give us a call today.

North Carolina Commercial Insurance – What You Need To Know About Commercial Insurance

The Carolinas are normally a peaceful and serene place to live with beautiful scenery and easy access to the Atlantic Ocean with striking beaches.  However, there is a price to pay from time to time with being so close to the ocean and that unfortunate price is the possibility of hurricanes and tropical storms.  If you own a business in the Carolinas, having commercial insurance can be the difference between long-term business ownership and total bankruptcy due to hurricane landfall.  Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC offers commercial insurance and can consult with you on your insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance

Protecting your business and the property that it sits upon should be part of your overall game plan in monthly business expenditures.  You should think about the possibilities that exist that can wreak havoc on your business should these events happen.  Aside from tropical storms and hurricanes, you should also think about winter weather such as snow and ice.  Although the Carolinas are not known for blizzards and heavy snowfall, Snow and ice are not totally uncommon in parts of the Carolinas in winter.  

Should someone slip and fall on your property due to snow and ice that haven’t been removed in a reasonable time, your business could be liable for personal injury and damages.  The business could be wiped out due to medical bills and lawsuits for damages if the business lacked a commercial insurance policy.  Due to these possibilities that exist, it’s always a smart idea to have protections built-in with a commercial insurance policy.

More Information

You can learn more about commercial insurance by contacting Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC today!

Mooresville, NC residents: does your home have the protection you need?

The team at Griffin Insurance Agency is here to help homeowners in the Moorseville, NC community protect their residents. The appropriate policy can help you and your family weather any storm. Our team can help you determine if your current policy provides the protection you need. And, if you are getting ready to purchase your first home, we can help with that too!

Why it’s important to review your homeowner’s policy

Your house is likely your largest investment, and it’s important to protect it. It is also the place that you call home, creating a sanctuary for you and your family. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your policy contains the type and amount of coverage that is suitable for your needs.

As your home’s value changes, your insurance policy should keep pace. The policy that was right when you first bought your home may now be insufficient. This is also the case if you have made any updates or improvements, or added additional structures to your property. It is for these reasons and more that we recommend our clients review their policies on a regular basis. 

There are also many features and benefits that you may now want to include in your coverage. For example, you may want to add coverage in case your home becomes uninhabitable to ensure you have somewhere to go. 

Mooresville, NC area residents rely on Griffin Insurance Agency!

We believe that our job is to provide our clients with the insurance they need to protect their homes and lifestyles. It is a job that we take very seriously. If you need to review your insurance policies, or it is time for your first homeowner’s policy, give us a call today.

North Carolina’s Auto Insurance Requirements

Each state has specific requirements for auto insurance, and North Carolina is no different. When you understand your state’s insurance requirements, you make wise decisions about your vehicle and any situations your vehicle could get into.

Do you live in Mooresville, NC? Griffin Insurance Agency can help you understand your state’s auto insurance requirements.

Liability Insurance

In order to drive legally in North Carolina, you must have liability insurance through a licensed in-state company. Liability coverage covers damage and injury that you or your vehicle may cause to others. You must have coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. In your state, the minimum requirements include $30,000 for bodily injury (per person) and $25,000 for property damage.

Remember: these policies only cover other people. In order to cover your own vehicle, you may consider an optional comprehensive or collision insurance policy.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The law also requires coverage for instances in which you come into contact with uninsured or underinsured motorists. These are drivers who may not have the necessary coverage, and this coverage helps you avoid covering the costs of medical bills and auto repairs on your own.

What Happens If You Don’t Meet Minimum Requirements?

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for auto insurance, your license plate may be revoked. You may also be subject to fees and civil penalties. If you are not sure if your policy meets the minimum requirements for your state, an insurance agent can help you.

Get the Auto Insurance You Need

No matter where you live, you need to have adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle. Griffin Insurance Agency, which serves Mooresville, NC, can help you find the right policy for your vehicle.

Why Every Business Needs Commercial Insurance

It’s a dream come true for every entrepreneur when their business is up and running. But the truth is businesses operate in a risky environment that every business owner should be aware of. Fortunately, one sure way of mitigating most of these risks is by having commercial insurance in place. 

We are aware that sometimes it’s normal to question the value of an intangible product like insurance. But insurance matters. Griffin Insurance Agency has prepared reasons why every business needs business insurance, regardless of size or nature.

Less uncertainty 

It’s practically impossible to plan for any liability or property losses and have adequate preparation. Worse still, huge losses like property fire could cost you thousands of dollars to restore your valuable assets. However, when you have commercial insurance, it carries that risk for you and lets you focus on other vital issues.

Employee protection

Your employees are the most valuable assets. If a company has excellent business objectives and plans but lacks the right skilled employees, such a company is deemed to fail. Commercial insurance protects your workforce, increasing the productivity and performance of the business.

Attracts potential investors 

Businesses with commercial insurance have a higher competitive advantage. Most investors like associating themselves with an insured business that could guarantee their investment in case of anything, and commercial insurance offers precisely that.

Compliance with the law

Some states require that businesses purchase certain types of business insurance coverages. For instance, North Carolina requires businesses to buy commercial auto insurance and workers comp insurance. Failure to have these coverages could attract penalties and legal sanctions that could affect your business.

Commercial insurance in Mooresville, NC

Commercial insurance offers a host of benefits. You also need to understand what protection your business requires to avoid potential cracks where risk could emerge and find you unprotected. We at Griffin Insurance Agency have a personalized approach that helps you understand what protection your business requires, no matter the size or nature of the industry. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

Making your home a safer place

Everyone should be thinking about ways to make their home a safer place. Safety encompasses a lot of different things. It can be to make your home safe from dangers from the outside, but it also might be about dangers that exist within the home. Both are causes for concern. At Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC, we make sure your home insurance gives you the protection you need to feel safe in your own home. 

Change the batteries

Your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors are both lifesavers and make your home a safer place. They can only do that if they are operational. Many people change the batteries when the time changes in the fall and spring and that makes good sense. 

Clean up the clutter

Clutter is not only unsightly; it is also dangerous especially if you pile things on the stairs and hallways in your home. It is a trip hazard. Make sure walkways are cleared both inside and outside your home. 

Use your locks

If you ever open your windows, make sure that they are not opened enough to allow access to your home. When you close them, lock the windows and make sure if you have a slider, it is also locked with a bar that fits in the lower track. 

Keep tall shrubs away from your home

If you have plants close to your home, make sure they are kept trimmed low so that no one is able to get close to your home and not be visible from the street and inside. 

Don’t announce your plans to be away on social media

Way too much sharing happens on social media. Don’t tell your friends and through them their friends when you are planning to be away from home. You never know who can see your posts. 

Contact Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC for all your home insurance needs. 

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

After building a reputable and sustainable business, the next step should be protecting it and increasing its productivity. By buying a policy under commercial insurance coverage, you will have the right umbrella that protects the business against different risk factors. You should, however, understand the types of commercial insurance coverage to consider. At Griffin Insurance Agency in Mooresville, NC, we have highlighted and explained the types of commercial insurance below.

Property Insurance

As a business owner, you want your building and its content protected from any form of risk factors. While it can prove hectic when you lack a financial plan, you get the right protection with property insurance coverage. With this type of commercial insurance, there is protection for every asset in the business against damage caused by fire, natural disaster, or theft.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

When you have employees in your business, you should consider their safety and welfare as well. When your employees get injured in your company, handling the situation can prove costly when you lack a plan. However, with workers’ compensation insurance, you get coverage that allows you to handle and provide the care your employees need.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Running a business in Mooresville, NC also means handling the expenses that come with the automobiles available in the company. You must protect your equipment, motor vehicles included. Through commercial auto insurance, minimize the related risks and expenses that come with using automobiles.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Any company can face employment claims just like in other aspects of the business. As long as you have employees and work with people, your business needs employment practices liability insurance. Through this type of commercial insurance coverage, you safeguard the business against employee lawsuits and claims.

General Liability

With general liability, you protect the business against any external risk factor. This includes incidents with your customers or other competing businesses that can affect the reputation of the business.

As a business owner, call us at Griffin Insurance Agency today for a positive start with commercial insurance coverage.